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To introduce flying cars for short and medium distances

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    CityJumper benefits

    What is difference between CityJumper and competition?


    CityJumper could operate both on the ground and in the air and can operate with or without a pilot.


    - Range 60km - Gull-wing doors - Front and rear radars support flying and road drive - Dimensions 4960x1950x1640 mm - Roller cover close propeller space on road drive - 80 kW of power on rear wheels - Rescue systems for passengers: ballistic parachute + 4 external airbags + 6 airbags in the cabin

    Other features

    - Emergency landing on water can be made by means of outside airbags - Reserve propulsion deck, ballistic parachute and outside airbags make it safer - Much smaller outside measures, can be stored in normal garage

    About us

    The development of batteries, computers’ processing power, sensor and electric motors drives has contributed to the possibility of the development of an electric VTOL vehicle as well. Newly developed carbon materials have also made it possible for the construction of the vehicles to be lightweight. That is the reason why there are over 200 locations in the world where eVTOL vehicles are being developed.

    The means of transport presented in our project will be more than just a need, because the transport infrastructure needs for future are continuously growing in the whole world. There is already a market for such vehicles, primarily big overcrowded cities. CityJumpers will be able to transport people without a pilot. At the same time traffic noise pollution can be reduced.

    Except for transporting people from one place to another there are numerous possibilities of using CityJumper in case of natural disasters, accidents or similar situations both on the ground and at sea: transportation of the injured to the hospital, fast transportation of the rescue team to the scene of the accident, delivery of the medicines, food, water or any other things needed. CityJumper would be able to reach some areas inaccessible to road vehicles and helicopters and the response time would be much quicker.

    CityJumper is an electric vehicle with 0 emission CO2. It is designed from such materials that can be easily recycled after proper usage.

    Media https://evtol.news/cityjumper


    Company Established
    CityJumper was founded and registered in Osijek, Croatia.
    1:7 scale model was made and tested
    Patent registration of a 4+4 propulsion system with overlapping propellers has begun.
    Further development of the project, selection of the best suppliers of components.
    Granted internacional industrial design protection of CityJumper
    28. February
    Test flight of prototype
    Testing of our product grade vehicle.
    Beginning of commercial use of CityJumpers.

    Testing a 1:7 scale model

    Media https://evtol.news/cityjumper